Our Band

Never should we cease to labor for a soul
while there is one gleam of hope

Gleam of Hope was founded in autumn 2013. We are seven students and working people from Germany and Austria. Our common goal is to make spiritual music for young adults that concerns our daily lives. After five years of preparation, our debut album „Eden to Eden" finally got released in September 2016. To be up to date for further projects, music and concert dates we would love to stay in touch with you through our website.

  • Harri Rollgaiser

    Harri Rollgaiser

    Mostly a passionate lay poet with a range of two chords, currently pastoring a flock in the metropolis of upper Austria. Anything else is irrelevant.
  • Maria Kasper

    Maria Kasper

    Nice, hospitable and always with a smile on her face. Currently preparing to be a physical therapist. Besides she loves music and traveling.
  • Darleen Besmann

    Darleen Besmann

    Not only has she a heart for music and songwriting, but a much bigger one for her husband and family. Besides, she is passionate about cooking and makes efforts to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • Bastian Ogon

    Bastian Ogon

    Theology student and dreamer with a good sense of humor, who relaxes while playing the guitar. Always happy to make music with his friends and move the hearts of people while doing so.
  • Edwin Wolf

    Edwin Wolf

    Music teacher and student. During his lifetime music became more and more important to him. Glorifying God through contemplative, thoughtfully and happy music is his goal.

  • Debora Preuß

    Debora Preuß

    Passionate cello and pedagogy student who loves to share and to inspire others with music as much as possible. She also loves to travel, often resulting with her ending up in Myanmar.
  • Milan Stojkovic

    Milan Stojkovic

    Piano student in Mozart's hometown, where he completely devotes himself to music. His special concern is to share God's love, beauty and perfection through the gift of music.

    Photos, Music and Videos

    Here are some photos, audio samples and soon coming videos.

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    Here are our upcoming concerts.

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